RC - Amputated Life

RC - Amputated Life

Friday the 13th of February marks the debut solo exhibition of the artist and muralist Rodrigo Cortez, better known by his artistic name RC. After studying painting and drawing in London and New York, the artist returned to his home city of Bergen.

  • Artist: Rodrigo Cortez
  • Exhibition Opening Date: 13.02.2015
  • Time: 18:00
  • Place: Galleri GEO
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About the exhibition

The artist have produced several eye-catching murals and after showcasing his works through different group exhibitions to great response his work will now make its first appearance in a solo show.

Amputated life is a comment on our need for restraint and control. The inspiration behind the images are the opportunities that lie locked and therefore unexplored in humans. The mutilated and monochromatic figures illustrates human emotional and physical complexity. The works underlying meaning in subtle through the subconscious and form a surreal imagery that seems timeless and highly topical. The compositions are painted with his left hand ( the artist is right handed ) to emphasize the loss of control and self-imposed imprisonment. The experience of, and eventually master left hand painting also illustrates the fragility of limitation and proves that freedom is subjective value.