Francisco Munoz - Reflections

Francisco Munoz - Reflections

Galleri GEO is proudly presenting Francisco Munoz’s first solo exhibition on Friday, November 20. The show called “Reflection” will take place from 18.00. pm. and GEO will support you with chilled beverages while you soak in the world of Munoz.

  • Artist: Francisco Munoz
  • Exhibition Opening Date: 20.11.2015
  • Time: 18:00
  • Place: Galleri GEO
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About the exhibition

Francisco will showcase nine photographs from his Bokeh series and his Darkness series. The lead photograph, Desert, has a smaller picture within a bigger picture that opens you up to look at the world differently.

“It’s never over. I look at those old guys and it’s like a hope. I’m looking forward to life, and living it,” says Francisco.

For the Bokeh photographs, the technique is to go microscopic, very close to the object being photographed, creating layers and colors. “I turned the lens around on the camera to get closer. The world opens up by diving in so deep to find the things living in the empty space,” says Francisco.

In the Darkness series, the view is surreal taken from the top of a tower looking down at Las Vegas, evoking a strong feeling of place in the empty space. The abstracted images play on the surface of the soulless concrete, a reflection of the city itself.


Francisco Munoz (born 1979) is a photographer based in Bergen, Norway. Since 1996, he has created distinctive, colorful photographs that reflect his desire to see what he feels. Over the years he has created many of his own specially designed filters and light modifiers, and almost exclusively uses antique lenses on a medium format camera. His work has been awarded silver and gold at Gullsnitt, the Norwegian photography award.