Ståle Gerhardsen "Double Rainbow"

Ståle Gerhardsen "Double Rainbow"

Upcoming solo exhibition with Ståle Gerhardsen. / Kommende seperatutstilling med Ståle Gerhardsen.

  • Artist: Ståle Gerhardsen
  • Exhibition Opening Date: 1. Feb
  • Time: 17-20
  • Place: Galleri GEO, Olav Kyrresgate 43
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About the exhibition


We're so eager to showcase the latest body of work by artist Ståle Gerhardsen. Ståle has been really busy lately, or let's say, last year, with his book "Papperperm" going viral, two sold out exhibitions, book nr.2 published, several murals and a bunch of tv/radio appearances ( read more here )!
The upcoming show consists of large paintings, sculptures and prints. We received the paintings yesterday and the impact of seeing the work live in person really can't be compared to the photos of the paintings. These paintings demands attention. And will get it. Hope to see you all on February the 1st - let's make it a good one!



From the upcoming exhibition:
150x100 cm
Akryl/mixed media på linlerret/linen canvas