Axel Vindenes - Interior / Exterior / Paths

Axel Vindenes - Interior / Exterior / Paths

It all started in 2013 when Vindenes wanted to paint houses that had always fascinated him in the area where he grew up. Furthermore, he day dreamed about how the interior of the houses would look like. As a result, he painted twelve paintings which are divided into two series named EXTERIOR and INTERIOR; the latter also includes specific rooms that have fascinated him, whether they be his parents kitchen or his own living room. But it did not stop here, where he in 2016 produced another series of six paintings, PATHS, which represents footpaths and trails in the same area.

  • Artist: Axel Vindenes
  • Exhibition Opening Date: 13.08.2016
  • Time: 18:00
  • Place: Galleri GEO, Christian Michelsensgate 7
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About the exhibition

Vindenes sees working in series as an orderly process, rather than a concept. The fact that his work is not wrapped up in a concept is important for Vindenes, yet the series shows an affinity for each other in choice of colour and expression. The philosophy behind the series, and his artistic practice in general, consists of doing what he enjoy, in addition to challenging the established:

"I think that one would do well to start with the simple and naive, and instead work towards the experimental and advanced. I see a strength in naivety, while one must be willing to learn. You know... The simplest things are often the hardest ones. I also know nothing about the art world. I am only keen on creating cool paintings, and that is why I am doing this."

Creating art is not new to Vindenes, where he considers his music career as an art work in itself. With his band's unconventional name Kakkmaddafakka, their maximalist approach and vigorous energy, they stand against the minimalistic norm found in today's contemporary expression. And now, with 18 oil canvases in total, comes the visual form.


The doors open at 18.00 the 13th of August. Our good neighborsBrilliance will supply you with music and a bar through the evening. See you there!

For more info about the exhibition/preview sheet please get in touch at or phone +47 46783812.