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Visual Artwork: Untitled I by artist and creator Bjarne Melgaard

About Bjarne Melgaard

Bjarne Melgaard's fascination for the cartoon character Pink Panther was a key theme at the critically acclaimed exhibition Ignorant Transparencies at Gavin Brown Enterprises, New York (2013). Pink Panther was used as a kind of alter ego for the artist, he has stated - "I identify with The Pink Panther. He's the uncool looser, a failure and he annoys people ". Pink Panther has been relevant in popular culture since the 1960s, and the artist looked at the figure as a central figure in his own childhood in Norway. Bjarne Melgaard (born 1967) is one of Norway's most important contemporary artists, and is an important voice on the international art scene. Melgaard lives and works in New York. Bjarne Melgaard's Pink Panther series is printed on Rives BFK and Sommerset Satin paper and produced at the printer Derriere L'Etoile Studios in Long Island, NYC.

Bjarne Melgaard

Untitled I

  • NOK 10185

66 x 94 cm
Ed. 150
Signed and numbered by artist

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