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Artist: Paintings

Visual Artwork: The Song Of The Scale by artist and creator Robbie Simon

About Robbie Simon

"Celestial Soda Pop" marks the second exhibition of paintings by American Artist and Designer, Robbie Simon. After many years working as a graphic designer, Simon began refining the singular compositions occurring within the commercial work and exploring their effectiveness as standalone concepts. These abstract minimal graphics are created with a very technical process that ensures precision out of dedication to the composition . The show's Cosmic Americana sounding title is borrowed from a song title by New Age composer Ray Lynch and the album Deep Breakfast . The music is fun yet strange, very approachable but still undeniably odd. It's wordless music can't explain the artists intentions but it can certainly steer the listener in whatever direction it desires. There are structures to the music but they float around in an atmosphere without borders. Simon's paintings live in the same atmosphere and carry the same goals . The artist sets the scene but the viewer tells a story unique only unto themselves . The sweet spot between familiar and undefinable.

Robbie Simon

The Song Of The Scale

  • NOK 8750

The Song Of The Scale

Acrylic on canvas.

Wooden frame.

Original, signed by artist.


16" x 20 inches

41 x 51 cm