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Artist: Paintings

Visual Artwork: Painting - Untitled 1 by artist and creator David de la Mano

About David de la Mano

David de la Mano is a Spanish contemporary artist best known for his stunning murals often depicting silhouettes, trees and other monochromatic imagery. His large-scale, black and white pieces provoke reactions among the viewers and encourage their emotions and ideas through a minimalist aesthetic. The artist not only observes others and their social or anti-social behaviour, but explores every corner of social behaviour in his practice. He uses silhouettes of man, woman, or the masses as narrative metaphors. Through these figures, he gives poetic visions of the human condition in society and the ways human perceive the world.

David de la Mano

Painting - Untitled 1

  • NOK 7800

Unique handpainted on fine art cotton paper by spanish painter and muralist David de la Mano.
Oak frame with art glass. Signed by artist. Measures 58 x 46,5 cm ( including frame ). 
* Only shipped after correspondence. Can be ordered and picked up in gallery ( free ). 

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