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Artist: Paintings

Visual Artwork: A.C.A.B by artist and creator L.E.T.

About L.E.T.

L.E.T. is a stencil artist born in France. The abbreviation L.E.T. is itemised as Les Enfants Terribles. He has chosen a very suitable nickname: traditionally they call outsider and excentric people from the artistic circles that way. L.E.T. belongs to the early german streetart movement and is still active on the streets: he leaves his mark all over his homecity of Düsseldorf. He sprays his motives on paper and then he placards them as cutouts everywhere in the city.His style is also traditional: his works quote the amusing, provocative and ironic english streetart. He gets inspired by other famous works, which he interprets on his own special way. He prefers a similar method during the process of creating: he focuses on the motiv, which has a strong symbolic meaning. He adopts various picture elements from different well-known works. By putting these pieces together in his oeuvre like in some kind of collage he gives them a new message or consistently develops the ideas of his colleagues.



  • NOK 6300

Spraypaint on cardboard

Signed on back

Size: 60 x 120 CM