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Artist: Paintings

Visual Artwork: Choices by artist and creator Eileen Noonan

About Eileen Noonan

Eileen Noonan is a multi-media artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Abstract art is a far reaching genre of the visual medium. Most of the pieces displayed in the world truly open the viewer’s mind to various emotional interpretations through countless moments. Eileen Noonan’s work is a prime example of such exemplary style. While her paintings seem explosive and chaotic, there is a sense of precise accuracy that is apparent. Each stroke, drip and flow seem intricate and important. Even the color schemes are prominent to the viewing experience as well as the creation. Thick strokes blend in with fine lines that add a certain flair to the movement overall. A constant dance is shared while the music is heard in every piece. Eileen is a self-taught artist, functioning outside of the realm of mainstream art. She has a furious desire to express emotion outside of the confines of realistic forms, or energy rather, what she now perceives as real forms in an unseen world. Her drive to work in an abstract medium stems from an innate desire to express raw emotion, her paintings doing just that. Each stroke of brush, chunk of color, and exploration of a new utensil or medium, evokes in her viewers a genuine and pure sense of emotion becoming as tangible as it can in our real world, allowing mystery and curiosity in its purest form to unfold without boundaries.

Eileen Noonan


  • NOK 14500

Acrylic and oil stick on canvas
4 x 5 ft, 122 x 153 cm
Signed by artist.