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Artist: Paintings

Visual Artwork: A cabbage in a sling #1 by artist and creator Carl Cashman

About Carl Cashman

Carl Cashman is a contemporary artist based in Devon, England. Cashman creates geometric-based optical art, furthermore some of his work is painted using UV reactive paint, which adds a further visual element to the pieces when seen in the right environment. In 2007, he completed a Fine Arts degree at Dartington College of Ar. His main influences are Bridget Riley, M C Escher and the Beautiful Losers. He first exhibited his work at a show at Breezeblock gallery in Portland Oregon in 2012. His work was received well and the following year he returned for his debut exhibition which amazingly sold out in the first couple of days.

Carl Cashman

A cabbage in a sling #1

  • NOK 3650
  • Size: 30 x 30 cm
  • Acrylic on wooden panel
  • Signed