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Visual Artwork: Horisont I by artist and creator Eldar Parr

About Eldar Parr

Modernist in Sheep's clothing? The Norwegian art critics Lars Elton wrote about Eldar Parr: "What happens when a small movement becomes a whole picture? when one model turns into many? Eldar Parr has found a topic that has parallels beyond the most obvious ideals of style. Say "The Nedrum-school", and everybody "knows" what it is about: Archaic figures in barren landscapes - lonely souls in a hostile world. One might see the heroic artist that fights against the modernist's prejudice. At first sight, Eldar Parr's pictures look like this. Three women seek rest together, being closely together in an empty room. On another, there is a lonely man with a strong look. The light treatment and the style all carry the assertion "Nerdrumstudent".

Eldar Parr

Horisont I

  • NOK 3780

Ed. 150
Size : 44 x 59 (motif)
Handcolored with pastel and oil (håndkolorert med pastel og oljekritt / H.C.)
Signed and numbered by artist

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