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Visual Artwork: Desert by artist and creator Francisco Munoz

About Francisco Munoz

Francisco Munoz is a photographer based in Bergen, Norway. Francisco specializes in artistic photography with a distinctive and colorful style. Over time he has created many of his own specially designed filters and light modifiers, and uses almost exclusively antique lenses on a medium format camera. His work has been awarded silver and gold at Gullsnitt, the Norwegian photography award.

Francisco Munoz


  • NOK 7875

Francisco Munoz - Desert

Photography printed on fine art paper

Edition of 6

100 x 70 cm

"Desert" was the lead photography from Francisco's solo exhibition "Reflections". "Desert" has a smaller picture within a bigger picture that opens you up to look at the world differently. "It's never over. I look at those old guys and it's like a hope. I'm looking forward to life, and living it", says Francisco.