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Visual Artwork: Bokeh 1 by artist and creator Francisco Munoz

About Francisco Munoz

Francisco Munoz is a photographer based in Bergen, Norway. Francisco specializes in artistic photography with a distinctive and colorful style. Over time he has created many of his own specially designed filters and light modifiers, and uses almost exclusively antique lenses on a medium format camera. His work has been awarded silver and gold at Gullsnitt, the Norwegian photography award.

Francisco Munoz

Bokeh 1

  • NOK 7875

Francisco Munoz "Bokeh 1"

Photography printed on fine art paper

Edition of 6

100 x 70 cm

Available with and without frame.

For the Bokeh photographs, the technique is to go microscopic, very close to the object being photographed, creating layers and colors. “I turned the lens around on the camera to get closer. The world opens up by diving in so deep to find the things living in the empty space,” says Francisco.